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  1. Teleflora's Mum Montage
    Teleflora's Mum Montage
  2. Sugar Maples
    Sugar Maples
  3. Autumn Expression
    Autumn Expression
  4. Sunny Skies
    Sunny Skies
  5. Fall Grandeur
    Fall Grandeur
  6. Teleflora's Forever Fall
    Teleflora's Forever Fall
  7. Orange Zest
    Orange Zest
  8. Petals and Pumpkin
    Petals and Pumpkin
  9. Golden Days Basket
    Golden Days Basket
  10. Amber Roses
    Amber Roses
  11. Signature Fall Arrangement
    Signature Fall Arrangement
  12. Teleflora's Fall in Love
    Teleflora's Fall in Love
  13. Bountiful Beauty
    Bountiful Beauty
  14. Teleflora's Indian Summer
    Teleflora's Indian Summer
  15. Sunrise Sunflowers
    Sunrise Sunflowers
  16. Sweet Autumn
    Sweet Autumn
  17. Leaves of Autumn
    Leaves of Autumn
  18. Burst of Autumn
    Burst of Autumn
  19. Pumpkin Delight
    Pumpkin Delight
  20. Bundle of Sunshine
    Bundle of Sunshine
  21. Fiery Lily and Rose
    Fiery Lily and Rose
  22. Teleflora's Autumn Grace
    Teleflora's Autumn Grace
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