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  1. Zen Artistry
    Zen Artistry
  2. Here's to You by Teleflora
    Here's to You by Teleflora
  3. Teleflora's Green Light
    Teleflora's Green Light
  4. Money Tree
    Money Tree
  5. Paradise Found
    Paradise Found
  6. Make a Wish
    Make a Wish
  7. Garden Parade
    Garden Parade
  8. Paradise Palm
    Paradise Palm
  9. Field of Roses
    Field of Roses
  10. Birthday Fireworks
    Birthday Fireworks
  11. Junk Food Bucket
    Junk Food Bucket
  12. Teleflora's Uniquely Chic
    Teleflora's Uniquely Chic
  13. Sweet Violet Trio
    Sweet Violet Trio
  14. Always on My Mind
    Always on My Mind
  15. Blazing Sunshine
    Blazing Sunshine
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For Him

Surprise him with a stunning arrangement of A Dozen Red Roses. This classic gesture has traditionally been given to a woman by a man, but on your anniversary why not shake up certain gender expectations? He will be thrilled by your romantic commitment and your passionate intentions.

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