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Birth Month Flowers


Flowers and birthdays have a long association. One of a kind flower arrangements and fresh bouquets are a lovely reminder of the unique and beautiful life that began on this special day.

While there are traditional birth flowers associated with each month of the year, most people have a particular flower that is especially meaningful to them. While some enjoy passionate red roses on their birthday, many prefer the delicate power of lilies. Floral gifts are a great way to send someone a very special birthday greeting.

Because fresh flowers have that rare combination of inexplicable power and delicate charm, they are a wonderful symbol of all the glorious paradoxes that make us individuals. They are also a great way to send your best wishes for a healthy and fortunate year to come.


Lush in texture and rich in color, the carnation’s radiance illuminates the month of January. These birth flowers symbolize hope, generosity, and love. Available in a variety of colors, the fragrant carnation is sensual but unpretentious. Brighten up the short days of January by choosing a fresh bouquet or arrangement featuring your favorite color of carnation. The carnation’s long lasting blossoms might last well into February.

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The glorious violet offers an intense burst of color which portends the end of winter. The deep purple hues of the most common violet represent the first rays of sun lighting up the morning sky. This light reveals spring’s certain arrival. This ancient flower has been used in a variety of ways, in cooking, in medicine, and as an ingredient in herbal teas. The shortest month of the year has been graced with this gorgeous flower symbolizing optimism, creativity, and good health.

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When snows melt and the adventurous daffodil arrives, it is as if the sun were reentering the world from the ground. These amazingly radiant flowers are reminders of the joy and goodness of those born in the month of March. Symbolizing new beginnings, Daffodils look particularly astounding in large bouquets or when featured in fresh flower arrangements.

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The irrepressible daisy brings smiles to all. It is April and spring has arrived. The earth has been reborn. Radiating out from the daisy’s classic yellow center are delicate white pedals which look like the feathers of a peace dove. Those born in this month revel in the playfulness of this flower which represents peace and youth. Daisies are a beautiful and unpretentious birth flower which looks absolutely amazing when grouped together.

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Combining the familiar with the exotic, lilies are always dramatic. There are over one hundred species of lilies. White lilies, such as the popular Easter lily, represent purity and honesty. The richly colored and patterned varieties represent passion, attraction, and adventure. No matter which variety you chose, lilies are one of the most unique and sought after flowers in the world. Those born in May are lucky to have the glorious and inspiring lily as their birth flower.

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The most historically relevant flower of them all, the rose has been a staple of the art world for centuries. The rose is the flower of passion and seduction. Its deep colors and densely layered pedals give it an intense and original beauty. For some, the rose is the archetype of perfect beauty. Besides representing love, roses also symbolize secrecy. Early Christians used the rose to symbolize the suffering of Christ. Those born in June have the pleasure of being represented by this luminous and powerful birth flower. Choose a fresh rose bouquet or a gorgeous flower arrangement featuring the mighty rose.

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The tall, elegant, architectural blossom of the delphinium, or Larkspur, is lobed with many delicate blooms. These beautiful flowers come in many different colors, all of which are gentle and calming hues. The delphinium’s vertical grace represents friendship and loyalty. These lovely flowers are a cooling presence during summer’s heat. Their calming fragrance is sublime. Those born during this summer month are treated to the floral equivalent of an oasis with this magnificent flower.

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August’s birth flower gets its name from the Latin word for sword. While not sharp or dangerous, the gladiolus is a dramatic flower with large, vertical blossoms that bring astounding light and texture into a room. These often multicolored flowers are unmistakable. Over time, the gladiolus has come to represent integrity, strength, and intelligence. Prized by philosophers and intellectuals for their distinctiveness, the sensual gladiolus has also gained a reputation for originality and romance. No flower gets more attention when placed in a fresh flower arrangement.

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Asters come in many different colors and sizes. However, what unify all asters are their star shaped flowers. The name aster comes from the Greek word astron, which means star. These delicately beautiful flowers have a natural wildness to them which makes their elegance even more engaging. This wildness has led many to associate the aster with magical, transformative powers. Some legends say the aster has the ability to hypnotize all but the most pure. The September birth flower is a one of a kind beauty.

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Exotic and gorgeous, the orchid represents the unique and delicate beauty that resides in each of us. Like our own best traits, the orchid’s beauty is complex and sublime. However, the orchid can also be delicate. These amazing flowers have long been treasured around the world for their tantalizing structures and unexpected colors. Their luminous petals have an other-worldly quality to them which may be the reason that orchids represent hidden artistic abilities. These rare and beautiful flowers also represent the intense passion of romance.

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In many parts of the world the chrysanthemum is celebrated as the flower of kings and queens. Some religions consider this birth flower to represent enlightenment. The dense flower of the chrysanthemum is a sight to behold. Each flower is actually composed of many smaller flowers. This creates an elaborate and unfolding beauty which is at its best when many chrysanthemums are grouped together. This wonderful flower represents health, wisdom, and happiness. It is said that to gaze upon a bouquet of chrysanthemums lengthens one’s life span.

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Long associated with Christmas, the magical poinsettia offers lush, vibrant color in the middle of winter. A popular story about poinsettias is that a young girl, too poor to offer any monetary gift, was told to place weeds on a church’s altar. These weeds transformed themselves into the radiant red flower we know as Poinsettias. Poinsettias were cultivated and used by the Aztecs for many centuries and they are named after U.S. Ambassador Poinsett who first imported these beautiful flowers into the United States from Mexico in the early eighteen hundreds. These hardy flowers are long lasting wonders that will brighten many, many winter days.

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