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  1. White Garden
    White Garden
  2. Paradise Palm
    Paradise Palm
  3. Green Plant
    Green Plant
  4. Money Tree
    Money Tree
  5. Medium Dish Garden
    Medium Dish Garden
  6. Sphere of Tranquility
    Sphere of Tranquility
  7. Ficus Bush
    Ficus Bush
  8. Areca Palm
    Areca Palm
  9. Small Garden Dish
    Small Garden Dish
  10. Decorative Fern
    Decorative Fern
  11. Towering Ficus
    Towering Ficus
  12. Parlor Palm
    Parlor Palm
  13. Succulent Garden
    Succulent Garden
  14. Delightful Dieffenbachia
    Delightful Dieffenbachia
  15. Proud Pothos
    Proud Pothos
  16. Lucky Bamboo
    Lucky Bamboo
  17. Wishing You Luck
    Wishing You Luck
  18. Arboricola
  19. Stately Croton
    Stately Croton
  20. Schefflera
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