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  1. Incredible Iris
    Incredible Iris
  2. Shining Sentiments Spray
    Shining Sentiments Spray
  3. Divine Grace 50-Bead Rosary
    Divine Grace 50-Bead Rosary
  4. In the Garden by Teleflora
    In the Garden by Teleflora
  5. Perfectly Peachy Roses
    Perfectly Peachy Roses
  6. Dulce Duet
    Dulce Duet
  7. Love's Sweet Dream
    Love's Sweet Dream
  8. Gentle Comfort Basket
    Gentle Comfort Basket
  9. Sentiments Bouquet
    Sentiments Bouquet
  10. Amber Roses
    Amber Roses
  11. Deluxe European Garden Basket
    Deluxe European Garden Basket
  12. Teleflora's Touch of Gold
    Teleflora's Touch of Gold
  13. Garden Gathering Basket
    Garden Gathering Basket
  14. Teleflora's Stole My Heart
    Teleflora's Stole My Heart
  15. Moonlight Sonata
    Moonlight Sonata
  16. Memories of Paradise
    Memories of Paradise
  17. Simply Cymbidium
    Simply Cymbidium
  18. Princess Roses
    Princess Roses
  19. Burst of Joy
    Burst of Joy
  20. Serenity Wreath
    Serenity Wreath
  21. Teleflora's Tender Tribute
    Teleflora's Tender Tribute
  22. Lovely Lilies
    Lovely Lilies
  23. Fresh Memories
    Fresh Memories
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