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  1. Pretty Please
    Pretty Please
  2. Brighten Your Day
    Brighten Your Day
  3. Enchanted Evening
    Enchanted Evening
  4. Bamboo Paradise
    Bamboo Paradise
  5. Violets And Butterflies
    Violets And Butterflies
  6. Morning in Sorrento
    Morning in Sorrento
  7. 12 Orange Roses
    12 Orange Roses
  8. Classic Fruit Basket
    Classic Fruit Basket
  9. Pure Elegance
    Pure Elegance
  10. Teleflora's Fragrance Vase
    Teleflora's Fragrance Vase
  11. Peach Tribute Garden
    Peach Tribute Garden
  12. Basket of Light
    Basket of Light
  13. Delightfully Daisy
    Delightfully Daisy
  14. A Dozen Premium Red Roses
    A Dozen Premium Red Roses
  15. Most Memorable Tribute
    Most Memorable Tribute
  16. Petite European Basket
    Petite European Basket
  17. Classic Celebration
    Classic Celebration
  18. River Cane Cross
    River Cane Cross
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