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  1. Thoughts of You
    Thoughts of You
  2. Teleflora's Love Forever
    Teleflora's Love Forever
  3. Ravishing Red's Bouquet
    Ravishing Red's Bouquet
  4. Amber Roses
    Amber Roses
  5. Love's Divine
    Love's Divine
  6. A Pretty Pink Dozen
    A Pretty Pink Dozen
  7. Be My Love
    Be My Love
  8. 12 Yellow Roses
    12 Yellow Roses
  9. What a Treat
    What a Treat
  10. Full Of Love Bouquet
    Full Of Love Bouquet
  11. White Roses
    White Roses
  12. Rose Rapture
    Rose Rapture
  13. Spray Roses are Pink
    Spray Roses are Pink
  14. Always on My Mind
    Always on My Mind
  15. Two Dozen Red Roses
    Two Dozen Red Roses
  16. Love and Devotion
    Love and Devotion
  17. Hugs and Kisses
    Hugs and Kisses
  18. Make Me Blush
    Make Me Blush
  19. Everlasting Lavender
    Everlasting Lavender
  20. A Dozen Lavender Roses
    A Dozen Lavender Roses
  21. Fabulous Flirt
    Fabulous Flirt
  22. A Dozen Yellow Roses
    A Dozen Yellow Roses
  23. How Sweet It Is
    How Sweet It Is
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Rose Delivery

If you are looking to send roses to express your romantic interests, consider the powerful and intriguing Fabulous Flirt Arrangement. This sophisticated, yet playful arrangement is artistically designed to make your intentions come to life in a firework display of beauty. Multicolored roses are layered in order to create a gorgeous and exciting statement. The clear glass vase offers a sophisticated counterpoint, and the oversized bow wraps it all up into an irresistible gift.

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