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  1. Pretty Please
    Pretty Please
  2. 12 Hot Pink Roses
    12 Hot Pink Roses
  3. Brighten Your Day
    Brighten Your Day
  4. Always a Lady
    Always a Lady
  5. Touch of Butterflies
    Touch of Butterflies
  6. Teleflora's Garden Romance
    Teleflora's Garden Romance
  7. Perfect White Lilies
    Perfect White Lilies
  8. A Dozen Premium Red Roses
    A Dozen Premium Red Roses
  9. Field of Roses
    Field of Roses
  10. Enchanted Evening
    Enchanted Evening
  11. Renaissance Roses
    Renaissance Roses
  12. Make a Wish
    Make a Wish
  13. Teleflora's Fragrance Vase
    Teleflora's Fragrance Vase
  14. Moonlight Sonata
    Moonlight Sonata
  15. My Perfect Love
    My Perfect Love
  16. Spring Waltz
    Spring Waltz
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I'm Sorry

The Always a Lady arrangement is sweet and feminine, making it the perfect arrangement for apologizing to a wife or girlfriend. The luminous white roses and brilliant lilies combine to create the perfect colors and textures for expressing your feelings of being sorry. The arrangement is earnest, colorful, and sophisticated and is a great way to show your sensitive side.

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