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  1. Pretty Please
    Pretty Please
  2. Brighten Your Day
    Brighten Your Day
  3. Isle of White
    Isle of White
  4. Teleflora's Best of Times
    Teleflora's Best of Times
  5. Pink Blush Bouquet
    Pink Blush Bouquet
  6. Pretty Please
    Pretty Please
  7. Wishing You Well
    Wishing You Well
  8. Arrive In Style
    Arrive In Style
  9. Love and Laughter
    Love and Laughter
  10. Zen Artistry
    Zen Artistry
  11. Shining Sunflowers
    Shining Sunflowers
  12. Tender Hearts
    Tender Hearts
  13. Jumping for Joy
    Jumping for Joy
  14. At First Blush
    At First Blush
  15. All the Best
    All the Best
  16. Teleflora's Beautiful Day
    Teleflora's Beautiful Day
  17. Make a Wish
    Make a Wish
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Thinking of You

Thinking of You Gifts

Since sending thinking of you flowers is a simple gesture with powerful results, choose an arrangement that clearly shows how you feel. There are hundreds of amazing choices, which can seem to complicate the process. However, the best way to decide is by not over thinking your decision. Follow your instinct in order to select the thinking of you flowers that resonate with you. If the flowers resonate with you that means they are connecting with the way you conceptualizing the message you wish to send. In other words, as a general rule, follow your heart to send the most meaningful flowers.

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